Origin Story

Creativity + technology + innovation = performance.

It was an epiphany. Vivid founder David Champagne had worked relentlessly in various posts during his 15 year industry tenure. Again and again, he saw firsthand a gap in the level of quality available to event partners and clients. He made a pivotal decision and never looked back: to create a company that performed at a higher level. Much higher.

Launched in 2015, the Vivid Staging Solutions team continues to realize David Champagne’s vision on behalf of clients. An intrepid leader, he directs the team with a winning strategy: harness the technology, creativity and resources that work best to drive innovation and results.

Luminous performance, around the world.

David and team members have technically directed and managed events in numerous global markets including Belgium, London, South Korea, Canada, China, Abu Dhabi, and the United States. As such, Vivid is fully equipped to streamline dynamic staging solutions for events anywhere in the world.

From humble origins to a fast-tracked success, Vivid creates live shows that engage and delight production partners, clients and audiences alike. They begin with solutions developed through a better process and end with superior events. Events that deliver a luminous performance.

Our Founder

David Champagne

Owner/Technical Director

David Champagne is a highly skilled technical director and entrepreneur. With more than twenty years’ experience in the corporate and live events industry, he is a respected pro known for creating one-of-a-kind experiences. Guided by an expansive technical knowledge base and attention to detail, his expertise is developing staging solutions that create dynamic live events.

Working in the complete range of industry positions over the years has further shaped David’s contributions. With an advanced skillset that includes technical direction, project management, stage management, labor management, drafting, and an understanding in complex A/V systems, he confidently leads the team to design and develop any size event.

And while David is a longtime resident of Southern California’s Coachella Valley, his work spans the globe in seven countries and markets to date.

In the realm of personal achievement, David has trained for a decade in the “art suave” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He believes his training in this martial art has influenced both his disciplined approach to his work and informed his keen problem-solving skills. He is an accomplished brown belt. In addition, David has volunteered for the kids’ Jiu Jitsu program at his school. He is the inspired creator of Vivid’s culture of yes.

David Champagne - Vivid Staging Solutions