Crafting immersive experiences.

Here’s what we ask all the time: What if … ? If you want to keep innovating, you must challenge the status quo. Our pursuit of more on your behalf is grounded in one constant: a framework of sequential steps. All of which leads to something far better than anyone imagined. Trust the process.

Vivid works diligently as your event partner to ensure every detail of planning, design and execution is orchestrated with intention. A singular combination of expertise, quality, creativity and technology together deliver exceptional customer experiences.

A sequential, proven process.

process sequence
We partner with you as an integral part of your team using a proven process for success.

It begins with a dialogue: learning your client’s greatest aspirations and goals for each event. We collaborate with you throughout the pre-event process. This includes everything from planning, drafting and 3D modeling to lighting and sound design, staging design, labor management, equipment procurement and more. Staging design is a world unto itself: we aim to create an environment that is technically advanced, visually powerful, and aligned with your vision.

Once we move into the live event phase, we employ every aspect of technical direction and on-site project management. This includes ramping up to and the day of the event. You could say we’re a little obsessed with the details. With a specific sequence of technologies, rehearsals and checks, we make sure everything is in place. Of course, post involves the process of scrutinizing all invoices and charges to ensure there are no surprises.

In the end, you get something of great value. A live event experience that impacts your audience long after the show wraps.