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Reimagine your event. We have.

Nothing says challenge like a pandemic. Our whole meeting community has had to rethink the in-person event. Yet, necessity gives birth to invention. United by our shared experience — reinventing amid uncertainty — we’ve reimagined the event. You’re going to love it.

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We’ve made lemonade.
Really powerful lemonade.

Welcome to Vivid Virtual Staging Solutions! Just like in-person events, our team uses creativity, technology and optimism to give your attendees a powerful experience. With worry-free comfort and convenience. It’s larger than logistics: virtual events transcend physical space to deliver the same emotional core of in-person gathering. With immediacy and energy, people feel the magic of meaningful connection. Yep, we’ve made lemonade.

Get endless benefits, maximum impact.

From a virtual In-House Production Studio to Remote Presenter events, get a wealth of packages and options. Even more, On-Demand channels extend the life of your event with access to replay videos and key segments. And, you reach larger audiences as you skip the hassle and expense of hotels and travel. That’s irresistible value.

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