Crafting powerhouse live events.

As a company that delivers the full spectrum of services, we know what it takes to orchestrate a show. It must not only be exciting but also, from a practical standpoint, be experienced effectively. Basic but vital: people need to see and hear content in the best way. That means optimal sight, sound and impact. From 4K cameras with the highest resolution, screens, projections, LED,  along with superior sound design and lighting design, we craft technical solutions that deliver a powerhouse experience.

With every aspect of planning, technical direction, project management and equipment procurement, our services are divided into three key categories: pre-event, live event and post-event.


Planning and design take center stage.

Where everything begins. This comprehensive approach starts with creative collaboration and includes everything from logistics, drafting, 3D rendering, lighting, sound, stage, and video design;  add rigging, labor management, and logistics and you have yourself a show.

Handling every aspect of staging design — and equipment procurement when possible — enables us to provide a superb level of service. When we’re in charge of the equipment, you’re assured of quality control from beginning to end.

Live Event

The technology behind the magic.

Every aspect of technical direction and project management comes to life leading up to and the day of the event. We are on-site and hands-on. With a heightened level of direction and supervision from our team of pros, everything is 100% dialed in.

On-site stage management and implementation is a subset of our live event services: content review, tech cue-to-cue, client rehearsals, music, with each facet throughout the show’s segments integrating technology drives the solutions that creates the magic.

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After the wrap:
we’re still working.

In the days following your event, long after everyone is back to business as usual, we’re reviewing the details. We are sticklers on accountability and transparency, confirming that all vendors and labor hours line up. Rest assured, we’ll go over every item and invoice to confirm that everything is buttoned up and meets the established budget parameters. The show may be over, but we’re still on it.