Experience a culture of YES.

Are you planning or producing an event, and not sure where to begin? We are creators and collaborators, innovators and technologists, solution-finders and fearless optimists. Not with rose-colored glasses but with a can-do work ethic that ensures we get to one thing: yes.

No problems, just solutions.

A foundational belief for our team is that there are no problems, just solutions. The only thing standing in the way of yes is let’s figure it out. Whatever the challenge, we see an intriguing gauntlet awaiting resolution.

In many ways, we are the bridge between grand ideas and flawless execution. We’ll work with you through every step to orchestrate a live event that transcends everyone’s expectations. Vivid’s team helps build the bridge that leads to extraordinary.

Our collective vision:
to realize yours.

Guided by reliability, positivity, creativity, agility, innovation and teamwork, we leverage technology and logistics to make your event happen. We value our people above all because they are, and always will be, the heart of our business. From brainstorming ideas to innovating how to make them work, our team empowers you to bring to life your client’s vision.